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Mesh Panties

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These mesh panties are perfect for holding peri pads securely during c-section recovery or other surgeries. The panties really stretchy and light, making them perfect for the post op belly and tender incisions. Great for holding incontinence pads, post surgery dressings or postpartum maternity pad.

Soft elastic waist and leg openings.

It is best to hand-wash these reusable briefs to get the most use out of them, but they can also be washed on the delicate cycle in a standard washing machine like normal underwear.

These Mesh Panties come in a pack of two.

  • Perfect over incision and swollen tummy
  • Stretchy and light
  • Holds peri-pads in place following surgery
  • C-section
  • Vaginal prolapse surgery
  • Hysterectomy
  • A&P surgeries, too
  • Easy to wash: Handwash or gentle cycle, air dry
  • Set of two

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