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Granny Panties 2 Pack

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We know that the idea of wearing granny panties isn't appealing BUT you should know that after your c-section incision starts to heal, you are likely going to still be swollen. The waist sits right above your naval, and the seat is generously cut to discourage "riding up", allowing for maximum comfort. These full-cut Granny Panties are a yummy, soft, stretch cotton to pamper you with the comfort you want right after your surgery.  

We think you will love these while recuperating.

We have conveniently packaged them in a set of two to save you money! You can have one pair to wear today, and one pair ready for tomorrow! Your soft panties will be either white, or a soft pastel, depending on availability at the time of your order. Fabric content: 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex with a 100% cotton crotch.

Please note return policy on underwear. Panties are not returnable.


If hips measure -

38-39" - M/6

40-41" - L/7

42-43" - XL/8

44-45" - 2XL/9

46-47" - 3XL/10

NOTE: Order carefully. Panties are not returnable. Please see our Return and Refund Policy.

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