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Bluebird Sisters C-section

Jessica, is the main gal behind Bluebird Sisters - the owner and manager of CSection Store. While she was running and operating the Hysterectomy Store, she had her second C-Section. She used products from the Hysterectomy Store and realized what a difference they made in her second recovery compared to her first C-section. She decided to share these items, and open this C-Section store.

Whether your C-section is planned, or becomes an emergency, we have an amazing selection of items to help you heal and recover so you can enjoy those first, few, and precious weeks with your little one.

The C-Section Store provides products to help you prepare and recover from your C - Section or abdominal surgery like tummy tuck/hysterectomy. In business and online since 1999, the Bluebird Sisters C-Section Store’s products have been curated to provide you with the best options for your post-surgery needs.

The C-Section Store is owned and operated by Bluebird Sisters.