When do I wear the different panties in the 3 Style Panty Pack?

From the day of surgery until you head back to work, these panties are perfect for your recovery and we've packaged them together for your surgery c-section recovery.

Mesh Panties (two pairs)

Home from the hospital: These lightweight, stretchy panties are perfect to wear over your tender stitches and incisions during those first days/weeks after surgery. They are very stretchy and light, making them perfect for the post op swollen belly. 

Granny Panties (two pairs)

After that first week or two: These full-cut Granny Panties are a yummy, soft, stretch cotton to pamper you with the comfort you want right after your surgery and especially over your tender, swollen belly. The waist sits right above your naval, and the seat is generously cut to discourage "riding up", allowing for maximum comfort. If your tummy is particularly swollen, consider ordering up a size to allow plenty of room for your comfort. Your soft panties will be either white, or a soft pastel, depending on availability at the time of your order. Fabric content: 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex with a 100% cotton crotch.

Nylon Support Briefs (two pairs)

Back to your routine: This is our best seller panty and is a light-weight control panty for your tender tummy as you recover from your c-section or other abdominal surgery. These panties provide gentle compression to help you with mobility and helping you ease back into your activities and clothes. They are beige or white (depending on availability) in color and are stretchy all over. Made with 86% nylon and 14% spandex, its perfectly comfy across your tummy. Crotch Lining: 100% cotton.