Your tummy is sore and you might have extra help around the house to help you and your new baby. Even if you find a comfy spot on the sofa, be sure to move from your spot from time to time. Move slowly as you get up and down from your bed and your chair. Move carefully as you turn to pick up baby or put baby down. Be gentle with yourself and extra cautious so that you can tend to your tender incision.

But do keep moving. Make it a point to take short walks to the mailbox, the end of your driveway or lap your living room when you get up to take a bathroom break. As you prepare to sit down to feed your baby, take a stroll to the kitchen and refresh your water bottle before you sit down to feed your little one. 

Wear an abdominal binder to provide extra support and gentle compression on your tender tummy. And check out our nursing bras!

Your body will respond to your added exercise as you gently move through your day!