Maybe you haven't noticed that constipation can be a real issue after surgery of any kind and particularly after a c-section. Why? We think its because you are distracted from eating enough proper foods to give your body the right amount of fiber for your digestive tract. 

And you might be forgetting to drink enough water - which also helps your intestinal work.

Keep a generic stool softener on hand to help you keep constipation away. Don't use laxatives without your doctor's approval. Increase your fiber intake by eating foods with whole grains and lots of good veggies. And drink lots more water than you normally do! Our bodies heal faster with water and don't forget if you are nursing, your body needs the water to help create milk for your little one!

Mesh panties  are a good idea if your belly is tender and you are wearing peri pads or need to put a cold pack against your incision.