How to wear the Pocket Binder:

Position the binder with the pocket next to and across your belly. Make sure that the pocket is on the inside of the binder when wearing it for optimum cooling affect on your incisions. Overlap the velcro ends to secure the ends. Not snug enough? Open the velcro and pull the binder snuggly across your belly. Once you have the binder in place, slide the frozen cold pack into the pocket. Remember to put the other cold pack into the freezer so you will have it ready when the first pack has lost its cooling ability. See Video Below with instructions on how to wear the pocket abdominal binder. 

Pick your size:

Measure yourself around the incision area (this will be between your belly button and your hips).

31-36" fits our Extra-Small/Small

35"- 50" fits our Medium/Large

48"- 58" fits our XL/2XL (add $4.00